Friday, June 14, 2019

Part 3: Travel Inspiration with Nicole

One of my favorite travel destinations is - Iceland. I first went there in 2009, wowww that’s 10 years ago, before the tourism craze started. I have seen the tourism grow over the years and inspired many along the way to visit this magical place.

I have been there in the summer during the long days and the winter. I loved both seasons as they bring their own attractions with them. I have seen the Northern Lights, I swam in the Blue Lagoon, rode Icelandic horses, seen the black sandy beaches in the south, partied here, made new friends and tasted many of the Icelandic specialties.

I highly recommend a visit, a visit to the place North of the Wall.

Credits: The travel shows was recorded with host Jack Barron at Framingham Access TV.