Sunday, August 25, 2019

Part 4: Travel Inspiration with Nicole

Commercial photography for businesses might be Nicole's specialty but in her free time she teaches German and Irish cooking and regularly steps in front of the camera herself at "Travels with Jack" where she inspires and shares some of her favorite travel destinations in Europe.

Today we like to take you to the Peloponnese region in Greece. Not Mykonos, not Crete, not Athens. While these are all beautiful destinations as well and probably the ones you think of first for a trip to Greece, we found the Peloponnese region had so much to offer and was far less touristy. A hidden gem one should not miss.

With just an hour drive West from Athens airport the Peloponnese region starts and stretches over 6000 square miles. Notable places in the region are Corinth, Nafplio, Kalamata, Sparta, Vatia, Githio, the island of Elafonisos, Monemvasia and Mani, just to name a few. You find old ancient Greek villages, the best olive oil in all of Greece, abandoned villages stuck in time, some of Greece's top beaches, monasteries high up in the mountains, caves to explore, fabulous wine, the freshest seafood and salads and some of the friendliest and most helpful locals in Greece.

I share a lot of helpful tips, take you off the beaten track and show you some of my favorite photos from this trip.

Enough said, jump in, watch the show and learn more about all the fabulous things the Peloponnese has to offer.

Watch some, watch it all, comment, ask or share your own tips and pictures from this part of Greece. 

Credits: The travel shows was recorded with host Jack Barron at Framingham Access TV.