Monday, January 3, 2022

Photo Fabulous Tips - How To Be More Relaxed and Confident At Your Photo Session

"I hate to have my photos taken". "I don't like to look at my own photos". If you caught yourself thinking the same, you are not alone out there. The fact is if you are a professional you probably have to have your professional photos taken sooner or later. This is where my YouTube video might come in handy. I would like to help you relax and feel more confident when you are going to your next photo session. So check it out.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021


The personal project for 2021 is coming to an end. Only one more to go and with that I'm curious to hear how you liked it? Did you learn 1 or 2 new things about me? Was there something that stuck with you the most? If you don't want to share it openly please PM me. I would love, love, love to get your feedback. What are your thoughts on continuing this journey in 2022? I'm curious about your thoughts there as well.

Now let me tell you a few things about MISS NOVEMBER. What is she wearing here? Where is this anyways? Did this picture make you nervous?

Yes, this was my costume for Halloween, steampunk inspired. It was also the theme of my girl-friend's 40th birthday celebration this month, so I got double use out of it. Who doesn't like to dress up from time to time. In Germany we didn't have Halloween but got dressed up for carnival in February every year. I had many costumes over the years, from a prince (yes my neighbor was the princess and we were going as a pair) to a fearless viking. So fun! Do you have a favorite costume you dressed up in in the past?

Email me directly at to share your feedback.

Wednesday, October 27, 2021


On one of these posts I had to include my better half, Mr. October. He hates to be in front of the camera but when I stand with him in front of it, it makes it a little easier. One of my favorite spots here in our neighborhood and we took advantage of the magic colors of Fall. Who is this Mr. October? I met him djing at a night club and fell in love with him instantly. We were married eight months later but more importantly we are still married after 23 years. Started our lives together when we were in our twenties, cleaned homes on the Cape together, wait tables together, landscaped together and helped each other to go through many challenges. What do I like the most about Mr. October? He loves me with all my flaws, has the same passion for House music and makes me laugh every single day. I'm lucky to have this Irish lucky charm in my life.

Thursday, July 29, 2021


You are probably wondering what happened to Miss June and will there be a Miss July. Did Nicole abandon her 2021 personal project? Well she is back. Let me introduce you to Miss July. As my interns Sophia and Mia were having fun in the studio with assigned lighting challenges, camera angles and poses I stepped in front of the camera myself. Voila Miss July was born. What do you think?

Exciting news to report as the construction of Studio64 finally came to an end. A project that has been in the making since January and we are so so excited to start shooting in the new space. Maybe Miss August will give us a little tour.

What else can I share about this girl. You already learned quite a bit about her over these past few months. One of her favorite cities in Germany is Berlin but she only got to travel to it for the first time in 2001 for the famous Love Parade. She was one of 1.4 million dancers in the crowd. Her first piece of the Berlin wall she didn't actually see in Berlin but of all places on Nova Scotia.

Monday, May 31, 2021


Hello Miss May. Where has the month gone? Besides the rainy Memorial Day weekend it has been amazing this month in my opinion. Decided to venture outside for this month's photo.

What can I tell you about Miss May? She has been to Iceland three times, seen the Aurora Borealis, swam in the Blue Lagoon and enjoyed the long summer nights. Her first travel TV show was on Iceland. She has not been to Africa, Australia or Asia yet. She speaks French and German. Her favorite cocktail is an Elderflower Aviation and one of the apps she enjoys the most right now is "Blinkist".

Wednesday, March 31, 2021


I better introduce you to Miss March before Miss April wants to take the stage. Hello Miss March. Another month where my studio was setup and I jumped in front of the camera. This time the studio was setup for me though and I asked my wonderful friend Katia to take the picture. Not only did she do that but she was also the magician behind my makeup. Didn't she do a nice job! Now let me tell you a few things about Miss March you might not know yet. She got her motorcycle license when she was 18, she recently picked up roller blading again but opted for no breaks and three wheel blades for speed and her dream is to paraglide the Matterhorn in Switzerland, yes the most iconic Swiss mountain you all know.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Professional Photo Sessions at Balance Wealth Advisor's Office in Wellesley March 25th

Spring is upon us, stadiums are slowly open up again and it’s time to check your current business profile photo to make sure it still looks like you. Does it? Be honest.

Since your offices might still be closed David from Balance Wealth Advisors and Nicole from Photo Fabulous You thought about another solution to make photo sessions convenient for you, his office in Wellesley, just off Route 95. Next week Nicole is setting up in David’s office, offering just a few EXCLUSIVE photo sessions. When they are gone, they are gone. So grab your session. Appointments are given on a first-come, first-served basis. It cant get easier than that and it’s a small investment to make in your career if you think about it.

So kick this pandemic in the butt, dust off you suit and take advantage of this special photo session event. Bring a friend or someone from your team. It’s always more fun if you have a photo buddy.

When: Thursday, March 25th, 2021
Time: Sessions start at 10:00 AM and take 15 minutes
Where: 60 Walnut Street in Wellesley, MA 

Session Details:

  • Photo Session in a Professional and Safe Studio Setting
  • Photo Review & Selection with Image Recommendation by Nicole
  • One (1) Photo Retouched is Included with your Session Package
  • Option to Purchase Additional Images
  • Post-Production: Selected Photos get Retouched and Optimized
  • Delivery of your Images in multiple Digital Formats – High-Res, LinkedIn, and Web-Ready
  • Photo Sessions take 15 min.

Professional Photo Session Special $125.00

TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT Email Please include your cell phone number and your time preference for next week. We will do our best to accommodate it.

Note: If you can’t make next week’s special photo session event but are still interested in a professional photo session, Nicole’s studio is located in Westborough.