Photographer Nicole Connolly

Photographer Nicole Connolly
is a gifted professional photographer acclaimed for her contemporary and elegant photographic style.

Her talent as a creative professional also includes over 20 years of experience in online marketing. Warm and engaging by nature, she helps her clients feel totally at ease in front of the camera. She stays clear of over-processed, stiff and awkwardly posed photos; places emphasis on environmental, in-house or on-location sessions that helps put clients at ease in front of the camera allowing them to capture their natural qualities and true personality. 

The result is to bring forth authentic photos that communicate professionalism along with qualities such as friendliness, likability and trust.

Her clients include: DELL EMC, Salesforce, Cisco, Boston Scientific, MIT, Philips, Merrill Lynch, Microsoft, Waters Corp., AAFCPA and BNY Mellon.

Nicole was born in Southern Germany and has a great passion for automobiles and horses. She loves to share her German culture through her very popular cooking and baking classes and her monthly German Metrowest Meetup Group that has over 200 members who get to practice their German skills no matter what level they are at. She is also a member of the German-American Business Council (GABC) of Boston and the BSV German Club in Walpole.

You can follow Nicole on LinkedIn | Instagram | YouTube

“Nicole’s passion for photography is a perfect reflection of her passion for life in general.”

“She is incredibly professional, extremely creative and an expert in her craft. Her results are breathtaking.“

“She is very personable and will go to great lengths to insure you get the product you want.”