Saturday, November 3, 2018

Interview with Nicole: How did you become a Photographer?

When was the first time you realized that photography was more than just a hobby?
Through my work in online marketing and with the increasing speed of the internet I got asked more and more to create compelling visuals for our client‘s websites. They simply didn’t have them but knew they were important. Eventually I thought I need to invest in myself in order to learn how to use professional camera equipment, lighting, Photoshop and all the ins and outs of professional digital photography. Once you made that big money and time investment it was clear this was not a hobby anymore. It was an extension of my skill set and eventually I moved from online marketing into full time commercial photography. The process wasn’t easy and took me about 6 years. It required a lot of assisting, networking, practicing and believing in yourself.

What kind of jobs did you do before you became a photographer?
I worked in a bakery during my high school years. In 1996 right after graduating from high school I went to America to work as an AuPair for a year. I was 19 then. In the US I worked as a waitress, had my own cleaning business, worked in online marketing for various agencies or years, I was a teacher’s assistant for a little bit and also worked as a German speaking technical analyst in a call center for a few years right after 911. All together I have worked in the creative field close to 20 years.

Did you study Photography? (Where?)
I studied digital photography through a BU program for 18 months part time. I graduated in 2007.

How did you like Boston University?
The program for digital photography was excellent. We learned from some of the best photographers in the fashion industry, sports, National Geographic and architecture. I’m still in touch with my teachers to this day. They have recommended me for jobs, I assisted and modeled for some of them, and I was even invited to go to foreign countries with them for adventures projects. The school has also asked me to teach there at this point in my career. They have prepared us very well for the competitive job we were about to enter. One of the photographers I assisted right out of BU expressed I was one of the best trained students she had. 

Would you recommend BU to others? (Why, why not?)
I did recommend the program to quite a few people and they have graduated themselves since and work in the industry. Unfortunately this particular program through does not exist through BU anymore. 

When did you start your own business?
I started my own business right at the end of my BU studies in 2007 - Nicole Connolly Photography. Five years later I founded Photo Fabulous You with my business partner at that time. In partnership we made this company a well known style and portrait photography business in the area with clients like Avery Dennison, Dell, Microsoft, and BNY Mellon.

Why did you decide to concentrate on professional headshots?
In 2012 I founded Photo Fabulous You with my business partner. Our business focus was professional style and photography services for busy professionals. We would bring our style service and photo studio right to companies and corporations in the area. The model was and still is very unique and attractive to many companies. Today our services reach as far as NYC, Chicago, and DC.