Monday, March 27, 2017

A LinkedIn Tip

We like to share one of our favorite LinkedIn tips. This is a good one. "The picture must look like you. Even if you really want to look like George Clooney, you're stuck with yourself."⠀

We get Mr. Clooney or Mrs. B√ľndchen a lot at our photo shoots and of course we all laugh and take it as a joke. The truth though is we are super critical about ourselves. We don't like our smile, we think it's crooked, our cheeks are too big, one eye is bigger than the other, we wish we had more hair... ⠀

In the end that's just the little voice in your head speaking. No one else looks at us that critical. We don't care about these things. Our eyes and minds are not trained that way. What we care about is "can we trust that person helping us with our upcoming project", "can we see this person being part of our team". Do you think because you are starting to bold or your smile is uneven you wouldn't get hired? There are plenty of those out there and guess what they have jobs and they are ruling the world so get over your insecurities and own your next interview, client meeting, presentation or photo shoot.