Thursday, February 23, 2017

Today’s Throwback Thursday is from last September taken in New Jersey

Today’s #tbt is from last September taken in New Jersey.

Once in a while we work with a client where we get to speak some #German. The person setting up these photo sessions was sitting in #Mannheim. The VP onsite lived in Switzerland for a period of time and also spoke a little German. He enjoyed being able to practice his German a little bit during his photo shoot. 

This was an annual company kick off meeting where employees from remote locations were onsite. The opportunity presented itself to get everybody’s headshots updated to represented the company in their best light.

We arrived in NJ the day before to scout out the location. We hired a local photo assistant recommended by one of our clients who lived in the area. We drove down to the location so we were able to save our client some money on travelling expenses and equipment rental.

The day of the photo shoot we were able to capture the staff photos outside as you can see in this photo. We also had to capture the leadership team in 3-4 different settings, regular headshots and action shots.

You really get to bond with a company’s team working with them all day.

That’s what we really love about our job.

How did we get this job? Word-of-mouth. We worked with this PR company a year ago and they liked our work and our professionalism.