Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pro Photo vs. Smartphone Snap

With the user-friendliness and affordability of today’s smartphones why not just have one of my friends or my husband take a picture of me for my professional business profile? Makes sense, right?

Would you also ask your husband to give you a haircut? It can be done easily and not cost you a penny but will you get the quality? Quality you need to make a good first impression for potential customers?

Smartphone’s photo quality is getting better and better but they still don’t match the resolution, sharpness, and color detail you get out of a professional grade camera. There is simply no room in these compact phones to fit in all the technology that gives you that quality.

And don’t get me wrong I do love my smartphone and take lots of pictures with it but I do know the limitations and the time and place to use it. And even though I love my husband and friends I know that a
professional photographer probably trained for years, would know how to get my best angle, how to do proper lighting, the necessary touchups if needed and on top, it’s actually fun to do a professional photo shoot.

The bottom line is, if you are serious about what you do and want to be taken serious by your customers, managers or potential new employer, don’t give the scissors to your husband.

Photo Credit by Nicole Connolly

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