Thursday, November 1, 2012

Photo Fabulous Time at EMC's First Innovation Market

Kim and I have been preparing our own professional presence over the last few weeks, to be part of a pretty special event. EMC's first Innovation Market. The place was simply buzzing with people not only from EMC but outside vendors as well. We met attorneys Gil and Orlando from Burns & Levinson, Leo from Language Connections, Chandra from Tripchi, Len from Spirent and so many more. Our heads are still spinning. A great bundle of innovation altogether.

Our fantastic Brooks Brothers prizes went to Abhilasha Bhatia and Valentine Kogan today. Thank you MJ over a Brooks Brothers for putting these awesome prizes together.

Before we left the event we had the chance to try some amazing home made ice cream. Strawberry with Basil and Caviar. Sounds pretty innovative but ohhhh so yummm. What a great ending to an awesome event.

Big thank you to EMC for inviting us. We had an amazing time and lots of fun on top of it.