Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LinkedIn Success for Jobseekers & Business Owners


We found two great LinkedIn success stories we want to share with you to give you an idea how you as a jobseeker, professional or business owner can get great value from your LinkedIn account and if you don’t have one yet, why you might want to consider creating one.

"Jobseeker Lands not One, but Two Jobs In A Row via LinkedIn Status Updates"

Who: David S. from California

Story: David frequented networking events for his sales job, following up via LinkedIn with the people he "connected" with at the events.

Upon being laid off in 2008, David immediately updated his LinkedIn Status to "I'm up for grabs, who wants me?" and received a phone call that morning on a job lead. He was back to work within a week.

In 2011, David was ready for a new opportunity and he once again tapped into his professional network, reconnecting with industry peers. Within just two weeks, David had used his LinkedIn connections to land an interview, was offered a position and accepted the new job.

 “Consultant Grows Business to $5 Million in Annual Revenue and Finds 75% of his Business Using LinkedIn”

Who: James F. US-company based in Hong Kong

Story: James uses LinkedIn to get introduced to, and maintain relationships with, like-minded professionals. Using LinkedIn to develop his network has consistently led to new business opportunities for his American-owned, China-based consulting firm.

Bottom Line: LinkedIn is the professional platform to connect and network with existing and potentially new clients, co-workers, classmates and industry professionals. It opens doors to new business and career opportunities.

Photo Credit by 
Marcus Tang

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