Wednesday, January 18, 2012

LinkedIn Profile Makeover - Profile Photo Before & After

Let’s take a look what actually happens when our Photo Fabulous You team gets together with you to create a new profile picture for your LinkedIn.

Let’s take a look at Lynda’s (not her real name) LinkedIn photograph she had before she met with Photo Fabulous You and point out a few things:

§  you notice right away that this is not a professional but a social photograph, probably taken at a restaurant or ball game; chosen as a “this will work” kind of profile photograph, a snap shot; What does this say about you?
§  in the background you have a very prominent colored object, which takes your focus away from the main subject
§  the shoulders look unbalanced and awkward
§  but on a positive note it’s still a photograph with a fantastic smile in natural lighting

Taking a look now at Lynda’s Photo Fabulous profile photo:
§  prior to our photo shoot Lynda consulted with our Image Expert to go over her personal branding, how she wanted to perceived by her target clients (e.g. friendly, approachable, professional)
§  Lynda’s photo blasts confidence, power and definitely professionalism but she still appears very  friendly and approachable; that’s exactly what you want from your profile photo
§  the background does not create any distraction; soft muted color and patterns
§  it is still a relaxed setting with natural window light, where a smile comes easy
§  Lynda’s attire is professional and the colors compliments her eyes
§  hair is not falling into her beautiful eyes as the main focus should be on the eyes
§  the image has been cropped and sized so Lynda’s face fills the frame, creating the focus point
§  the image has also been optimized to make it easy for Lynda to upload it to LinkedIn

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