Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Secrets From the Photo Fabulous Vault: 5 Characters with Great Style

It’s officially fall when leaves turn orange, Starbucks brings back the pumpkin spiced latte, scarves return as a fashion staple and new episodes of your favorite TV shows air again. In honor of the Emmys, and the fall TV season that kicks off this week, we’ve put together a list of 5 of the most stylish characters on television. Read through our list, watch the shows, and piece together a new fall wardrobe!

1. Professional: Peggy Olsen, Mad Men
Mad Men style is clearly catching on right now. Banana Republic just debuted a line based on the show, and T.J. Maxx sponsored a Mad Men-themed styling challenge (Check out the bloggers’ entries here). We can see why. Peggy’s style has evolved throughout the series. She always looks professional and feminine. If you’re looking to master business casual with a vintage twist, take style tips from her wardrobe.

2. For the Men in Your Life: Harvey Specter, Suits
If you’re looking to spice up your husband’s/brother’s/son’s/boyfriend’s/ best friend’s wardrobe, look to Harvey Specter for inspiration. He's always confident, and his style is part of what makes him such a captivating characters. We love his vests and his subtle pinstripes.

3. Daytime: Anne Perkins, Parks & Recreation
Even small towns are home to stylish characters. To get ideas for daytime looks, check out Anne Perkins’ wardrobe. We love her natural make up, linen button down blouses and jewel tones. She always looks casual, but put together.

4. Nighttime: Cat Deely, So You Think You Can Dance
She’s a real person, not a character, but she looks fantastic in every show. For a night out, you can count on Cat for style inspiration. She’s a master of balancing. She pairs big, colorful jewelry with plain dresses, but skips the bling when her outfits are more intricate.

5. Professional: Dr. O’Hara, Nurse Jackie
In pencil skirts, classic heels and a more stylish take on the doctor’s white coat, O’Hara is a fashion inspiration. She always looks confident and elegant, even amidst chaos. Another style takeaway? Her understated jewelry. She’s the perfect person to channel on your way to a Photo Fabulous You photo shoot (although we don’t recommend her apathetic pose, above!)

These are our picks, but they’re certainly not the only stylish people on television. Which characters are you turning to for inspiration? Leave your comments below, and be sure to check back for more Photo Fabulous style tips!

Photo Credits by AMC, Showtime, NBC, Fox and USA

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