Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New Type of Vendors

Social media channels have been abuzz with news from New York Fashion Week. Being a Massachusetts-based company, we’ve loved living vicariously through bloggers like Stylephile's Chris Muther, and are looking forward to our own fashion week, Sep 23-30. Until then, we’re surviving on tweets.

One of the fashion week articles we came across announced the installation of a luxury vending machine. Stationed in a hotel lobby, it dispenses fur jackets, snakeskin clutches and diamond bracelets. It got us thinking about the things we’d like to see in a fashion vending machine (not that diamond bracelets wouldn’t be wonderful). We narrowed it down to our top 3:

1.     Belts
Have you ever debated whether to belt a dress, decided not to, and then regretted it later? Or had pants that only seem to require belt-coverage after you’ve worn them for a few hours? Those problems would be solved with a vending machine! You could avoid a day of discomfort and grab one on the go.

2.     Heel extensions
We’re not sure if these exist (although check out D2N Heels for something close), but we think they’d be perfect for transitioning from the office to a night out. Imagine: a clip-on heel that instantly made your professional pumps into chic stilettos. We’d stop at a vending machine that had those.

3.     Umbrellas
Not everyone considers them a fashion accessory, but we think they are! If it starts raining, you can salvage your outfit, and even add to it with a stylish print. Practical, fashionable and often forgotten! Those are exactly the qualities that make a perfect vending machine component.

We’d be ecstatic to find these three items in a luxury vending machine. They'd help us stay Photo Fabulous, even when on the go. Although, an extensive belt selection might make us late for work. What other items would be helpful to have at the press of a button? We’d love to hear your ideas!

*P.S. Missing our style secrets? Check back next week for another post from our Secrets From the Photo Fabulous You Vault series!

Photo Credit by Utique Shop

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