Thursday, July 29, 2021


You are probably wondering what happened to Miss June and will there be a Miss July. Did Nicole abandon her 2021 personal project? Well she is back. Let me introduce you to Miss July. As my interns Sophia and Mia were having fun in the studio with assigned lighting challenges, camera angles and poses I stepped in front of the camera myself. Voila Miss July was born. What do you think?

Exciting news to report as the construction of Studio64 finally came to an end. A project that has been in the making since January and we are so so excited to start shooting in the new space. Maybe Miss August will give us a little tour.

What else can I share about this girl. You already learned quite a bit about her over these past few months. One of her favorite cities in Germany is Berlin but she only got to travel to it for the first time in 2001 for the famous Love Parade. She was one of 1.4 million dancers in the crowd. Her first piece of the Berlin wall she didn't actually see in Berlin but of all places on Nova Scotia.