Friday, November 11, 2016

Photo Fabulous Tips - How To Be More Relaxed and Confident At Your Photo Session | Tip 3

Hate to have your Photo Taken?
Yes, not everybody, I should say most of us, don't belong to the selfie's all day category. We shy away from having our photo taken, we slip into the background during group photos, we don't even like to look at our own photos. It might be that we simply feel we are not photogenic, we could maybe loose some weight, we aged so much, too many wrinkles, or we don't like our teeth, our smile is uneven, one eye closes more than the other, we heard it all and we understand.

That's why we recommend you work with a professional photographer that can coach you through a photo shoot, makes you feel confident and at ease when you have your photo taken. Because there is no such thing has "not photogenic". We all radiate light and a good photographer can show you how. 

Let us help you feel more confident the next time you have your photo taken with our Tip #3. Take this tip with you to your next photo shoot and please leave us your feedback. What did this tip do for you? Did you find it helpful?