Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What happens to my picture in post-production?

If you take a look at the two pictures above, what difference do you notice? Not that easy to spot, right? That’s because the touch ups we perform in post-production are very subtle. We actually try to capture a good quality picture right in the camera, paying attention to small details, using the right equipment and lighting, finding the angle that compliments you, and capture the personality that speaks to your potential clients.

We firmly believe in subtle but skilled touch ups. Your professional photograph should look like you. You want people to instantly recognize you when they meet you in person. Just put yourself in the position of that person that only knows you from an online photo. Would you not feel confused? Maybe disappointed or even mistrust that person? I know I have in the past.

In the above photo is Katia Lisita of KaLis Day Spa in Westborough, MA. 

Photo Credit by Nicole Connolly

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